Aloo Bora || Potato Pakora || Potato Bora in Bengali

Aloo Bora || Potato Pakora || Potato Bora in Bengali

Aloo Bora is a famous Bengali Snacks Recipe. "Bora" name is mainly popular in Bengali but, there are many synonymous like Pakora/Pakoda/Bhaji in India. Generally speaking, an authentic Bengali recipe and, it's everybody's favorite.

There are many "Bora" recipes like Posto Bora and Aloo Posto Bora. I will share those also but, I eat all of them and, they are easy and perfect Snacks Recipes. We can eat with also steamed rice very much delicious and crunchy. In my mouth watering when I am writing this fantastic WOW the taste.

We like Pakora with a cup of Tea or Coffee.

Equally, We most like many types of Snacks Pakoras, Fries, and balls are all Snacks but, the style of preparation is different makes them a different name from each other.

Pakoras - Jackfruit Seeds, Fish Egg, Cauliflower, Coriander Leaves, Cabbage, Drumstick Flowers, Veg Corn, Crispy Chicken Pakora.

Fry - Fish Batter or Fish Butter, Crispy Corn, Fish Fry, Cheese Chicken, Teasel gourd / Spiny Gourd, Magic Potato my own Invent, Egg Roll Fry.

Balls - Crispy Cheese Corn, Crispy Cheese Stuffed Chicken balls.

In other words, all mention recipes you get on my Website or YouTube Channel. In detail, these are the appetizers that we make at home.

How to make Aloo Bora | Potato Pakora | Potato Bora?

With minimal ingredients, fewer spices make a perfect tea-time snack. The ingredients lists I have given below and my YouTube Video may help you do your cooking step-less critical. I always enjoy it when I am in the kitchen. I love to make new recipes from various regions or countries also. Taste never controls us any beyond the area.


  • Potato - 50 gram
  • Gram flour - 2 tablespoons
  • Green chili - 2 pieces
  • Ginger - 1/2 inch
  • Garlic - 3 cubes
  • Onion medium size - 1 piece
  • Cumin seed - 1/2 teaspoon
  • Salt as per need
  • Refined oil as per need
Aloo Bora


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